Have You Looked Closer on Voting For Amendment 1 in North Carolina?

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Last weekend when I was going to visit my friend at the park, I happened to see on one of those digital billboards, an advertisement saying “Stop Amendment 1″. Now in my mind, I’m thinking.. Wait, stop having freedom of speech? What? But I kept driving, thinking that it was ridiculous and forgot about. Now last night, my friend had posted something about it on Facebook and thought it was just craziness at how some people can be so ignorant to have this even in thought of voting for. I’m not one to follow politics and what have you, but this peeked my interest for me to look it up. So in North Carolina, this is what Amendment 1 will do if it is voted in:

Banning Same-Sex Marriage

This is what I’m assuming everyone is probably talking about because those believe that only a man and woman should be married, yada, yada, yada. Who cares? To me, if you find someone that you love that you want to spend your life with, I’m all for it to them getting married. That is just my opinion and really that is the couples business and no one else. To see more info on this, you can read it at North Carolina Same-Sex Marriage, Amendment 1.

But, I bet no one is actually looking closely at what else it would be taking away from people. I’m sure that most of the news is talking about not having the state condone same-sex marriage. However there are two more things that the Amendment 1 will not allow.

Stopping Domestic Violence Protection

The ban for same-sex marriage could also cause an effect to ban all marriage-like partnerships which could also prevent cohabitation from having legal weight. This means that unmarried women who are in a domestic violent relationship would be vulnerable to abuse and stalking because when domestic violence is reported, there needs to be evidence of an established relationship. Since the woman is unmarried to her partner, the abuse may would not fall into the domestic violence category. Read more at Amendment 1 Takes Away Domestic Violence Protections

Hurting Children of Unmarried Couples

If a couple is not married and have children together, the children will no longer have health insurance. If this amendment is voted in, the health insurance will be taken away immediately. If this amendment passes, there will no longer be spousal visitation rights. Amendment 1 will be hurting the family in whole. Read more at Amendment 1 Would Take Away My Daughter’s Health Insurance.

Amendment 1 will appear on the ballots of North Carolina on May 8, 2012.




  1. Melody says:

    Wow. My first thought here is, why would anyone want to take away ANY of these rights? How ridiculous. I believe that if you want to marry an alien, it doesn’t matter. Love is love, is love, is love…. it goes on and on! And then to hide the rest of that behind such a heated issue is sneaky and dishonest! I think North Carolina should put a HUGE NO vote to this issue! The rights being taken away by just one yes vote are incomprehensible.

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  2. Determined Momma says:

    You have to love all the things people will sneak in there. :( It always makes me so sad to see this sort of thing. Government was given limited powers for a reason. Where in the constitution did they outline that the government could say who you were married to? I’m pretty far over to the right politically, but I think this constant barrage of attacks on anything outside of the “standard” family really needs to end.
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  3. Johannah B says:

    I guess I feel like the whole marriage thing — may be “past tense” meaning that relationships, serious ones, no matter who the two partners are…. should be considered to be a “marriage”. I don’t think a piece of paper means that much… it certainly hasn’t stopped divorce and other things. I am married 40 years this month, but that piece of paper didn’t keep our marriage together or happy. I also think the same as you regarding two people who love each other. So much more goes into that — than a piece of paper. To me the piece of paper is just another sign, like a ring, or vow of any other sort.
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  4. Sadie says:

    I’m going to be 100% honest here and probably get lynched, but I don’t really GAF.

    So, they’re aiming these campaigns at the ones who are voting to ban same sex marriage. ALL of the people I know that want same sex marriage banned are… well… let’s just say, not the brightest crayons in the box. So these lawmakers are sneaking the other stuff in, KNOWING that the “ban same sex marriage” is ALL these homophobes will care about, and knowing that they won’t dig deeper into the situation.

    My overall opinion is.. if these people are voting to ban same sex marriage, I hope karma gets them.. because they’re NOT all married.. so they are harming themselves and their kids in the process of voting for this.. AND some of them may even have domestic violence issues they need help with in the future…

    Those who aren’t perfect shouldn’t judge, and that’s exactly what any asshole voting to ban same sex marriage is doing. They’re judging, they’re being hypocrites, and they’re sticking their noses where they don’t belong.

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